Hi I’m Sarah 

Welcome to Working Girl Life,  a life now which has gone off roading for a little while. I’m still all of the below, I’ve left my original blog page here as that is still me. August 2017 my life changed overnight, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, a young fit and healthy 33 year old, with no family history, my life changed in that moment. I will use this page to share my journey, but I will not become defined by this, it of course is going to be a huge part of my life for the next months to come, but I’m still that same young woman who loves life. This isn’t a place for sympathy it’s a place to share my journey with others in hope that I can help or be of comfort to others on the same journey as myself. I am a fighter and ready to tackle my biggest challenge yet. We fight on with a smile on our face and joy in our heart.

The photo above, well that’s my family, my fiancé and my baby Larry, my world I’m blessed.


My story up to August 2017

A hard working girl that fits all the beautiful things that life has to offer around my working girl life. I work for a family business travelling the UK for Motorsport, Motorcycles in fact and the 9-5 office job the not, this job has given me so much experience over the years I went from a teenage girl who was extremely quiet to a woman who now has the confidence to hold her own…but I’m still learning about myself and I think it is important to do so. I also spend my time supporting my fiancé with his motorcycle career , And of course our little jack Russell Larry who we treat as our little baby, it’s safe to say I have my hands full.

My work is my passion, motorcycles and racing have been my life however there is so much more and there is a fine line between work taking over your life and enjoying personal interests and I think anyone with a full time job can be guilty of this. So this is my journey to explore all of my passions which I can only enjoy as a hobby as work pays the bills. A hobby though can be so exciting, learning about yourself is also and I’m sure many people can relate to this.

A big part of my life is IC. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) in 2012 and I am happy to say I recovered and now lead a balanced happy lifestyle. I am sensitive to many things now but I can work around it through diet and stress levels, I hope to share my IC journey with you and in turn raise awareness for the condition as many still have never heard of it.

I’m now in my 30’s, I have brilliant friends a fiance I adore and a great family…a small family but I class my friends as my extended family.

This blog will be where I share my thoughts and give you a look into my busy working life and all that around it whilst doing my best to inspire girls/women to do better, be confident and believe in yourself, even through this I am still working on all three but to share my highs and lows makes me only human but the key is ….you always learn and move forward.

My happiest place in life is around my Fiancé friends and family…but you know what shopping, beauty, dancing, food, travel and the odd glass of wine helps too. I’m a girl and what girl doesn’t want to have fun but with this girl.

I hope your enjoy my blog as much as I have fun writing it,





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