A Weekend Thought


As it approaches that time to leave work for the weekend I wanted to share a weekend thought. As we all know and as many of my blogs have reference to this, a thought can seem so simple but can turn wrong so easy if you let it. I always say that it is your mind and there’s only one person in control of your thoughts and that is…you. I give this advice but I do have to give myself some gentle reminders at times. Moods can change rapidly when thoughts can get mangled up into knots within your head, when this happens think…think before you let it go any further and BREATH, you are in control of where that thought ends up so give it a happy ending, it’s your choice.

Life can chuck some horrible times at you unexpectedly and for those times you need all the energy you’ve got, save it, be careful where those small thoughts lead, you’re in control, use your energy wisely

This weekend test yourself, if an occasion occurs and you feel that you are perceiving it in the wrong way and thus start to feel negativity creep in, stop…think about the control you and only you has over how that thought ends up and control it, let it go like the clouds. Ask yourself after how do you feel?






A better you

There is so much positivity to come from thinking this way, give it a go, practice it so it becomes not even a ‘thing’ anymore

And as my last blog, “thinking out loud” states, keep that thought process simple. Sometimes simple really is better,