Time for a change : 90 DAY SSS Plan The body coach 

So it’s time for some structure. I’ve been so busy with work and socially, I’ve kind of lost track of my fitness and diet. I always keep fit and manage what I eat quite well but I am in need of a new focus. Something challenging for me that isn’t going to completely get in the way of my social life as like any one else I love to socialise and have fun. Although saying this I have a goal and I want to see some change in my body. I don’t want to loose weight really I want to tone up and get lean, I’m not doing this for anyone else just myself. 

I know I’m pretty much there but I need to string it all together and if I can manage my diet correctly in conjunction with exercise I hope to have my summer bod in like November time …a little late however I’ll just have to find some summer sun and that’s fine with me 😉 

I have signed up to The Body Coach 90 DAYSSS I’m currently waiting for my plan to come through and in some ways I’m excited and nervous as I know I’m going to have to follow instructions and stick to it , like I say I exercise and eat well but this is going to have a few more limitations but bring it on. I winge about my bum my legs and I want some abs ..so I’m going to put my efforts into getting them. 

I can’t afford a personally trainer so this seemed a good option. I need structure I pretty much know what I need to do but I could do with a little more focus as I do feel I’ve lost my way slightly.

I will keep my blog updated with my progress and I’ll be completely honest. I have a couple ‘events’ coming up however I’ll figure it all when I get to it. 

Looking forward to reciveing my plan so I can get started. I will have to work around my condition (IC) and for all your ‘ic’ers out there I’ll keep reference to this through out and let you know how I’m getting on. I have learnt exercise techniques that work for me and the ones that don’t so I will also share these.

Wish me luck 

Here’s to a leaner me in 3 months time 


Sarah xx

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