Making sense of a workout routine 

If you are like myself and at times struggle with your gym routine then organisation is key. We all can’t afford our own pt so it’s great to make your own plans. With social media there is so much info out there. I have followed many videos on YouTube from the body coach, here you will find so many great HIIT workouts. Fantastic for fitness and burning calories it’s quick and you can do these either in the gym or at home.

When it comes to resistance training this is where I can get a little lost so I take my exercise plans into the gym with me. I also keep the images with me for reminders when I forget. Before I start I’ll pick 6 exercises and work through them in 4 sets with 12-15 reps. This works so well and I feel in control because if at any point I forget where I am at or how to do the exercise properly I can just revert to my folder.

Learn about fitness, what works and what doesn’t and try it for yourself. Don’t let all the information out there go to waste and start planning.

I am not personal trainer but I take time to learn and understand, the body coach really has helped me with this. I love his you tube channel and it honestly works you hard, it’s so worth it.

Get planning and organised I promise it will be far more enjoyable and you will spend less time in the gym.

Love sarah


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