IC : Exercise and Stress Levels


IC is a very complex condition and every case can vary, there is not one treatment that suits all and some people struggle to find a treatment that works for them. I was lucky enough to find a treatment (Cystistat bladder instillations) however I do suffer with flares especially when I am stressed or run down, but I try my best to stay on top of it and take an active role in managing it.


I love to run, although at times I find it difficult so my advice is not to put pressure on you. At the moment I am suffering more with a knee injury than with flares of IC however don’t compete so much with times. Run because it lets you feel free and enjoy the time to yourself. Don’t push too hard always listen to your body.

HIIT training works for me, again at times of flares stick to low intensity workouts. I like to mix this with resistance training; this doesn’t seem to affect any flares. I will share more about the exercises that work well for all of us ICers.

The main point here is to listen to your body, but keep active. Whether it is low or high intensity never feel like you are failing the more active you stay the better and more in control you feel. Don’t give up and find those exercises that work for you.

Stress Levels

Really try to manage your stress levels. Stress is the one thing that can get hold of you and fuel IC. Like I say exercise does help, the more you do for yourself makes you feel in control thus allowing stress levels to be maintained by you. Invest in some mindfulness books; don’t feel embarrassed, as this is you doing all you can to learn your own way around this condition.

For all of you out there suffering you are not alone. There are ways to maintain IC and all I can do is share my experiences in the hope that it helps others to. Before I was diagnosed and even when I was I felt so lonely. Not many understood and I felt like I was overreacting to the seriousness of this illness. I felt lost and the worse feeling was I didn’t understand my body. With my own research and following others stories I have learnt so much, I am still learning myself but maintaining a balanced lifestyle to the best I can. At times I still find it hard but I take a step back and look how far I’ve come then focus on what I can do…. not what I can’t.

Stay Strong

Love Sarah


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