Gym Essentials 💙

g̤̈ÿ̤m̤̈ ë̤s̤̈s̤̈ë̤n̤̈ẗ̤ï̤ä̤l̤̈s̤̈ ḧ̤ï̤s̤̈ &̤̈ ḧ̤ë̤r̤̈s̤̈ Wireless headphones are my saviour no tangled wires 👌🏻 @beatsbydre investment worthwhile them! Makes moving around like a crazy lady so much easier when mid HIIT. There are cheaper wireless headphones on the market but these really are great and the sound quality is fantastic. 

Trainers: @asicseurope … I use my asics mainly for HIIT cardio or running I’ve switched and tried others but for me these give the best support and Comfort especially for long runs. I do have neutral  feet but many friends of mine and my boyfriend agree these really do give you great comfort.




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