Stage 2: Eye cream


All about Eye cream.

Determine whether or not your eye cream is richer or denser than your other skincare. If it is apply first if not apply after. The reason for this is the heavier the product it will have more chance to penetrate through the lighter products and therefore absorbed better.

Never use too much just enough for below the eye and eye lids and be sure to massage in with your ring finger as this gives the lightest pressure. Massage it around the outer edge of the eye, over the lid, in the crease and below the brow then finally down around the dreaded crows feet area, if you don’t have these yet brilliant however prevent the cause …then down to the top of the cheekbone where he skin is still quite fragile. Don’t put it too close to the actual eye as it can seep through and cause irritation.

Another little tip is to keep your cream cool, in the fridge for example; this helps with puffiness in the morning and wakes the eye area up.

My current favorite is Clarins Eye Contour Balm

I’ve been using this for 3 months and it’s lasted so well. This is really moisturising great for night use also. Give it a go … My eye area can be quite dry; this product works well with my skin. I have more tips to come for dry skin I will share in later blogs.

I am just about to try Clarins Eye Contour Gel for mornings. The gel is aimed more at dark circles and puffiness, which I certainly suffer with, this I will store in the fridge so it has that cooling affect also. I’ll let you all know how I get on with this and if I notice any difference, as this is my first day of using it.

I hope this helps out, it’s such a difficult area to deal with as this is where fine lines will start to appear, as the lady at Estee lauder once told me at the boots store in York…”they are LEL’s darling ‘life experience lines, embrace them”. Thanks lady at Estee lauder hahaha but As much as I agree with this I’m still making sure they progress slowly with age 😉

It may seem like a lot of info here but I promise the routine takes only minutes once mastered, the hard part is finding a product you suit …and that’s what I’m here for, to share my favorite’s and products which are also affordable.

Sarah xx

If you are interested in the products I use, here is a quick link for you all 🙂

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