New Year New You And All That Jazz

So we are almost into February and I’m sure all of our ‘new year, new me plans’ are starting to suffer maybe because life has started to get in the way or you are getting bored of your rigid plans. Everything in moderation, this one expression which couldn’t be truer. We sometimes set unrealistic goals simply because we are setting far too many, but when we moderate these goals it all becomes much more achievable. From dieting, exercise, work, your mental well being take small steps. Write a list of things you want to achieve but in order of importance and work through month to month, January is not the only month for problem solving or starting new activities.

I was given a book for Christmas from my lovely mum, who knows me very well. She hears about all of my goals and I’m sure she gets worn out just listening to them so this book really makes you slow down and teaches you to take things step by step.  ‘A year of Wellbeing’ by Dr Ilona Boniwell/Dr Patricia Macnair, it’s great, each day there is something to read absorb and learn from, giving you ideas you probably would never have thought of. I would highly recommend this book but also when you read each day make a note in your diary, you can take a look back just to remind yourself, each one you complete put a big tick next to, it’s so satisfying. This is for you, no one else, make all goal about you, for you.

“Love many, Trust few, but always paddle your own canoe”

I read this the other day on a friends instagram, read it back a couple times and thought YES this is just perfect. Sometimes we can rely on others to pick us up, make us happy, and although this is what family, partners, friends are for you have to make sure you always paddle your own canoe. So everything you do to better yourself do it for you, you will become so much stronger in the process ready to tackle life and what ever it throws at you.

Love Sarah



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