The UK Tan Struggle

2016-01-25 19.41.37Ok, some of us Brits like myself can tend to look pasty 80% of the time thanks to the unpredictable weather we have, Summers…well we all see some sunshine but usually stuck in the office looking out of the window but I must admit I am a big fan of our ‘unpredictable summers, there’s something quite pleasant about them also. What isn’t pleasant is my pasty skin. Now orange is never a good look either but a ‘glowing’ I’ve just come back off holiday and I’m looking all radiant is.

Sun beds….no…no and no. I’m guilty of this, early 20’s I did my fair share of ‘sunbed’ing’ during the summer months to get that ‘glow’ but the crazy thing was I spending silly money on anti ageing products also then blasting my skin with UV rays, and also for the health risks I decided no more. There is no doubt about it, UV rays age, proven fact and I do not want to add to this process. Looking tanned in your 20’s is great but you hit 30’s and you will soon start to notice the damage to your skin. I really think teenagers need to be more aware because I certainly wasn’t I just wanted a quick fix, and we all know quick fixes don’t have the greatest of outcomes. Lets push self tan and get rid of the horror stories they are some great products on the market.

Finding a suitable fake tan really is trial and error, I have tried the lot, from cheap tans to the expensive tans and I have looked like an umpa lumpa on many an occasion, know one gets a wave from me when I come out with the orange hands for at least a week, however Through great experimentation I can honestly say the 2 best self tan products I have come across are..

Ambre Solaire No Streaks Body Mist

The Ambre Solaire Mist is great to go to bed in, yes it does have that tan smell but it’s quite pleasant. It will develop nicely overnight, wake up have a shower and it really does give you a lovely holiday glow, I have used this for years now and it’s my go to tan. I use the darker one as the light doesn’t seem to do much for me. if you are really fair give the ‘light’ mist a try, but for medium skin that tans well naturally definitely go for the darker mist. I wouldn’t bother with the face mist as the body mist works just as well for use on the face also.

St.Tropez Self tan Express Bronze Mousse

Now I only came across this last year and I really love this tan. It’s a dark mousse, which is great for seeing where you have and haven’t applied. It develops over 1 – 3 hours your choice, I leave it on for between 2-3 hours then wash off, and don’t worry it goes on dark but this washes off leaving you with a really lovely tan. You don’t have to sleep in this and I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing so…I tried and it just look way to dark bordering ORANGE! It’s great for when you’re at home and you can do the housework, chill whatever but when you have a few hours spare, wash off then go, perfect for a night out. The tan does build if you do it over a couple days but I honestly feel one application is enough. It is more expensive than the Ambre Solaire tan around £33 compared to the Ambre Solaire Mist at £11 roughly, but it lasts really well. I would use this once a week, I tend to add the Ambre Solaire when I go to bed as tan always washes off your face first.

Both are fantastic there is a reason I use 2 different and that’s simply time, some days I will be at home have a few hours spare and use the express tan, others days no time at all so I will quickly spray my body before bed with the Ambre Solaire mist. Always use some kind of glove and always wash hands after, and if you are going to sleep in your tan gloves for bed are always a good idea we don’t want orange palms when we sleep.

I usually buy my products from boots or Tesco’s , they sometimes have great deals on them but always check online is a great site for all beauty products.

I hope this is off some help, give them a go and please let me know how you get on or if there are any other products you can recommend.

Have fun tanning guys, and try to stay away from them sun beds.


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